you're craving is only one decision away.

Freedom doesn't happen when the external forces are ideal. It happens when we decide to stop playing the pawn in the life of those around us, and start playing the queen in our own game instead. When we claim the role of the queen through self-awareness and knowledge, we deepen our self-trust and tap into our intuition, turning anxiety into innovation, which leads us to live the life we love—on our terms.

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Gone are the days of following the path of pleasing others.
It's time to remember who you are—to live a life of purpose.

As women, we often get stuck in the relationship, the job, and the life that is expected of us by our family, friends, and society in fear of being unaccepted. We learn to no longer trust our own judgement and wisdom because we are made to believe we should be happy with what we have, and having desires is a sin. We are so quick to trust the opinion of others, dismissing our screaming soul that is craving more freedom, adventure, and autonomy. My goal is to help you unlock your inner wisdom, connection to self, and trust that will lead to a remembering of your true essence—the essence that has been within you all along.

09. What is your biggest struggle as an entrepreneur?

BEING OKAY WITH DOING IT DIFFERENTLY than others and not getting caught in comparison. trusting that my business evolves as i do.

a. Started a business during a pandemic
b. Left your home country to travel solo
c. Left your stable job
d. All of the above

08. What is the bravest thing you've ever done?

a. Thailand
b. New Zealand
c. Paris
d. Anywhere with nature and community.

07. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Night owl

06. Early bird or night owl?

a. Margarita 
b. Gin & Tonic
c. Cosmopolitan
d. Anything virgin—I'm alcohol-free!

05. Drink of choice?

The body keeps the score

04. What book is on your nightstand?

a. Target
b. Madewell
c. The nearest vintage/second-hand store
d. Evereve

03. What is one store are you most likely to shop for life?


02. Coffee or tea?

a. The 100
b. Stranger Things
c. Tiny House Nation
d. All of the above

01. What is currently on your Netflix watch list?

Astrology allowed me to see myself clearly for the first time in my life. I was living in a constant state of flight or fight while battling substance abuse as I tried to escape from myself, until I listened to the call of my body.

Through understanding myself, I stopped resenting who I am, and started to revere and respect who I am, where I’ve been, and who I am becoming.

This reverence has created a self-trust and self-awareness, which is how I am able to create a life in which I’m secure in my choices.

Anxiety quickly turned to awareness and compassion, allowing me to embrace the beauty of my gifts—the gifts I now use to help women who are walking the road I once travelled. 

The journey begins when we become aware of what’s been hiding in plain sight all along.  

I want this for you.

I want you to build a life led by your intuition over logic and other people’s expectations.  

In other words, I want you to be an example of what’s possible through doing the impossible. 

Hey there!

I'm Kaitlyn—a Leo Sun, Libra Moon & Cancer Rising. 

Get to know me, rapid fire style....

She made me feel comfortable and supported. 

Kaitlyn brought such warm and calming energy to the session. She made me feel comfortable and supported. The reading has helped me make sense of my inner self and my life path so far. It's also helped me better understand my different needs - physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, professional and spiritual. Astrology is so fascinating and can bring in positive energy to support our growth and transformation. I am so grateful to have done the natal chart reading with Kaitlyn - highly recommended!

~ Bonnie Tai

She simplified it for me and helped me gain clarity and peace.

Kaitlyn has a calming presence. I felt very relaxed during our session. Her approach was uncomplicated, which I enjoyed, and at the same time helped me sort out an issue that had been causing me a lot of stress and confusion. She simplified it for me and helped me gain clarity and peace.

~ Justin Halstead

I loved how she was able to tune in and answer my questions clearly and in a relatable manner.

Kaitlyn was easy to connect with and her approach was honest and durable. Meaning the quality of the reading was strong throughout.
I loved how she was able to tune in and answer my questions clearly and in a relatable manner and the background she provided to this was outstanding.

~ Amanda Howes

I wouldn't change a thing.

Kaitlyn held space for me, always, really listening and understanding my perspectives and challenges I was facing.  She enabled me to see the narrative I'd been playing out and break through it to become much happier and confident within myself. I wouldn't change a thing. She accommodated all of my challenges and supported me wholly.

~ Kellie Clarke