Personalized coaching & astrology  

for women who want to be seen for who they are, but do not know who that person is yet.


If you can’t see yourself, how can anyone else?


Basically, I NEEDED to let go of everything dependable to find my independence.

I am a Canadian born and raised. For the past 5+ years, I have been living abroad. I left my home country, my health insurance, my partner, and my great-paying corporate position all in one fell swoop.  

Hi, I''m Kaitlyn

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Coaching containers for those looking to remember and embody who they are, so they can live A LIFE that makes them feel ALIVE.  

1:1 Coaching


The first place to start for those looking for clarity & confidence in life direction, transitions, career, parenting,  & relationships.

Astrology Readings


These group intention setting sessions are held monthly on every new moon. Join me on zoom to set intentions together and receive a mini-reading.

WAYs TO work together

New Moon Sessions


The 8-week Group Coaching Program that guides you towards true emotional empowerment and alignment with your natural cycles, using the moon in astrology.

Emotionally Empowered

She made me feel comfortable and supported. 

Kaitlyn brought such warm and calming energy to the session. She made me feel comfortable and supported. The reading has helped me make sense of my inner self and my life path so far. It's also helped me better understand my different needs - physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, professional and spiritual. Astrology is so fascinating and can bring in positive energy to support our growth and transformation. I am so grateful to have done the natal chart reading with Kaitlyn - highly recommended!

~ Bonnie Tai

She simplified it for me and helped me gain clarity and peace.

Kaitlyn has a calming presence. I felt very relaxed during our session. Her approach was uncomplicated, which I enjoyed, and at the same time helped me sort out an issue that had been causing me a lot of stress and confusion. She simplified it for me and helped me gain clarity and peace.

~ Justin Halstead

I loved how she was able to tune in and answer my questions clearly and in a relatable manner.

Kaitlyn was easy to connect with and her approach was honest and durable. Meaning the quality of the reading was strong throughout.
I loved how she was able to tune in and answer my questions clearly and in a relatable manner and the background she provided to this was outstanding.

~ Amanda Howes

I wouldn't change a thing.

Kaitlyn held space for me, always, really listening and understanding my perspectives and challenges I was facing.  She enabled me to see the narrative I'd been playing out and break through it to become much happier and confident within myself. I wouldn't change a thing. She accommodated all of my challenges and supported me wholly.

~ Kellie Clarke