Astrology Readings

The first place to start for those in search of clarity & confidence in life direction, transitions, career, parenting  & relationships.

Astrology offers a peek behind the curtain on your passions, personality, potential & purpose. 

In other words, astrology becomes the proof, the validation, and the invitation to be more of the person you crave to be—the person you know you are deep down. 

Begin to SEE more of you, so you can embrace ALL of you.

t's hard to be yourself when you don't see yourself. 


A 90 min relationship reading via Zoom for those with questions regarding partnership.
$299 USD

90-minute Relationship Reading

A 90 min astrology reading via Zoom for those looking for a more in-depth reading. 
$222 USD

90-minute Natal Chart Reading

A 60 min astrology reading via Zoom.  Recording provided if requested.
$175 USD

60-minute Natal Chart Reading


A 60 min astrology mentorship session via Zoom for those looking to learn about astrology through the lens of their chart.

$175 USD

60-minute Mentor Session


Custom Mentorship Package

For those looking for an extended mentorship opportunity. Packages created upon request at a discounted rate.

A 90 min astrology mentorship session via Zoom for those looking to learn about astrology through the lens of their chart.

$222 USD

90-minute Mentor Session

She made me feel comfortable and supported. 

Kaitlyn brought such warm and calming energy to the session. She made me feel comfortable and supported. The reading has helped me make sense of my inner self and my life path so far. It's also helped me better understand my different needs - physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, professional and spiritual. Astrology is so fascinating and can bring in positive energy to support our growth and transformation. I am so grateful to have done the natal chart reading with Kaitlyn - highly recommended!

~ Bonnie Tai

She simplified it for me and helped me gain clarity and peace.

Kaitlyn has a calming presence. I felt very relaxed during our session. Her approach was uncomplicated, which I enjoyed, and at the same time helped me sort out an issue that had been causing me a lot of stress and confusion. She simplified it for me and helped me gain clarity and peace.

~ Justin Halstead

I loved how she was able to tune in and answer my questions clearly and in a relatable manner.

Kaitlyn was easy to connect with and her approach was honest and durable. Meaning the quality of the reading was strong throughout.
I loved how she was able to tune in and answer my questions clearly and in a relatable manner and the background she provided to this was outstanding.

~ Amanda Howes

I wouldn't change a thing.

Kaitlyn held space for me, always, really listening and understanding my perspectives and challenges I was facing.  She enabled me to see the narrative I'd been playing out and break through it to become much happier and confident within myself. I wouldn't change a thing. She accommodated all of my challenges and supported me wholly.

~ Kellie Clarke

Yes! This is the beauty of this work—it is not limited by time and space. All services listed can be provided over Zoom (with the exception of the chakra reading that is not a live session, but received via email).

Can all services be provided by distance (over the internet)?


In a reading, I will not speak astrology. I pride myself on translating the language of astrology into English for anyone to understand and embody. The purpose of this is to allow for deep embodiment and a feeling of safety in my readings.  During a mentor session, I will speak astrological terms to help you to learn the language. My readings are designed to speak to your heart, while mentorship sessions will speak to your mind.

How does a mentor session differ from a reading?


This is 100% personal preference. In a 60-minute astrology reading, we will cover an overview of the most prominent themes in your natal chart—including your characteristics, any reoccurring themes in your life, your elemental balance, life lesson, and current astrological transits (to make it practical for you at this moment in your life). 

In a 90-minute session, we will do all of that and go deeper into where we are led in our conversation. If there is anything that comes up in the session that needs extra attention, we will have more time to explore why and how to work with the energies you are experiencing and would like to shift.

Should I choose a 60 or 90 minute astrology reading?


Each reading is designed to offer insight in a unique way.

Astrology readings are technical readings that are interpreted by me, by looking at your natal chart (a map of the planets at the time of your birth). Therefore, birth info is required. Astrology is all about timing—I recommend this type of reading for anyone who is going through a transition in life, or who is looking to go deeper into the recurring themes in this lifetime.

Angel readings are channelled messages from your angel team (Archangels, Guardian Angels, and sometimes loved ones in spirit) to help guide you on your path. These 30 minute readings allow for three questions asked by you. These are not predictive readings, as the angels will never go against your free will. These are strictly messages from your guides, without my interpretation. 

Chakra readings are done using a pendulum (a crystal attached to a chain). I use a pendulum to assess the function of your chakras at the moment of the reading. This is the only option that can be completed by email, where you will receive a recording and a PDF write-up. 

Angel readings and Astrology readings are completed via Zoom, and can be recorded, if you so choose.

What is the difference between an Astrology, Angel  & Chakra Reading?


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